Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Backlog part one

Green window shades

I've almost cleared out my backlog just in time for us to travel to Tennessee this weekend (so I can build up another mass of 500+ pictures to sort though).

Abundant farm

I've uploaded almost all the abandoned house/farm pictures from my Kingstree, SC folder. Up next will be all the nature pics, then I can move on to the Valentine's Day folder.

Outside of that, I've been busy doing laundry. Life can resume somewhat because my big presentation is over. You can read about it on the Music Library's blog. This was also my first presentation done on the PowerBook, so I wanted to say thanks to Mom and Dad. Also, thanks to my husband, Ian, for picking up the VGA adapter on the way back from a video shoot.

Now if only I can figure out what's up with the dubbing studio computer (sigh, I really am developing a hatred for PCs), the top tape deck, and get caught up on all my reference email questions, I'll be able to attend all the meetings I have this week and next!

But enough about the library!

Did you hear?

Frosty the snowman?
We might have a snowpocalypse2.0 in Columbia. I am SO ready for summer. I want to bike up and down Hunting Island and go camping. Or maybe go biking while camping on Hunting Island. Either would make me happy.
Here to there


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