Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heart and Soul Photo Contest

Downtown Ridgeway, SC

Just when I say in my previous entry that I'm too busy to blog, life handed me a great big piece of pound cake (not literally of course, because if I had pound cake I'd be somewhere besides the computer eating it, but that's about the best sounding thing I could think of at the moment).

I just got notice that I am not a finalist for the Orton Family Foundation's Heart & Soul Photo contest in which I entered, BUT...

The judges liked my entry photos so well that I'm getting a special recognition prize (TBA), AND...

(Gosh this is starting to look like one of those political proclamations, isn't it?)

I was the only person from South Carolina and/or Tennessee represented in the finalists/special recognition winners!

If you're curious, I entered a handful of the pictures from Ridgeway, South Carolina. I just adore that little town.
Murray Gins

So there's a happy spot to light up my two extremely busy weeks.

I did upload a few more pictures from my massive backlog to flickr tonight. I need to add my watermark to my Valentine's Day pictures and get them up & out.

Thanks for your patience with me!


Ian said...

Very cool and huge congrats! Love that blue sky in the photos!

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