Saturday, February 6, 2010


If you've flipped through my flickr photostream, you'd know that my interests and tastes have changed frequently. I guess as I change, the types of photography I'm decent at change, too. I started out doing a lot of nature photography, and I got a lot of comments from flickr users.
dandy center
I did a whole mess of Civil War reenactment photography, and flickr folks loved it!
I did a good bit of photographing old, abandoned places, and got a lot of feedback from that too.
A farmer's home
But I went back to nature photography due to the winter storms. I've noticed that those pictures haven't gotten half the hits or comments, and I'm just now realizing why. Why bother looking at something half the country can go outside and see themselves? Not everyone can attend a Civil War reenactment; not everyone can have the luxury of driving through Ridgeway, South Carolina. I think as long as I can capture and present something unique and uncommon, I'll be doing just fine.
Ice in the waterdrop


Jeremy said...

I think a lot of it also has to do with markets also. I'm pretty sure if you ask most people "Do you like nature?" the answer is yes. Civil war reenactments fans are much more defined niche than nature-lovers. Competing (whether for money or just comments) in a niche market is much easier. :-)

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