Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inside and outside

Well, the two new things I alluded to in an earlier post are ready for discussion.

First is Charlie's Soap. Since we've been focusing on reducing the chemicals we put in our body, I wanted to reduce the chemicals that might be absorbed through our skin. Since laundry is my chore, I thought an easy way to do that would be to change our laundry detergent. I have very sensitive skin and can't handle most "normal" detergents like Tide. Earth Fare put out a coupon for Charlie's Soap, so I thought we'd give it a try. From the Charlie's Soap website:

Charlie’s Soap is really a blend of natural-based surfactants (detergents) derived from coconut oil, treated with a product of natural gas (real soaps are treated with caustic soda or pot ash), and salts in water (Laundry Liquid) or pure Green Mountain washing soda (Laundry Powder).

Charlie's Soap also uses no animal products and isn't tested on animals.

After washing several loads, I have to say I'm very impressed. Our clothes feel just as soft (if not softer) than before, and we're using WAY less chemicals!

My other news is fish oil. I've been hearing the benefits for a while. I thought that eating as well as we are, I'd see a noticeable difference in my fingernails, which are very ridgy and sometimes get vertical cracks. Fish oil also has benefits for my mood (which lord knows it needs all the help it can get), but Ian will have to attest to any improvements in that area. Ian can't state for sure, but he thinks to seem I'm less "down" than I used to be, so that's a good thing.



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