Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our 2010 garden

Spring is finally (well, almost) here, and it was time to get our garden started. We live in an apartment, so our garden is our balcony. We have a small fountain, a small two person chair, two window flower boxes on the balcony rail, and several various sized pots.
Last year we did our flower rail boxes with that coconut hair, and filled them with creeping phlox. By the height of summer we discovered our plants were frying in the brutal "famously hot" Columbia heat because the coconut hair baskets didn't hold moisture. This year we have actual rectangular flower pots, so hopefully we won't have the same trouble as last year.
This year we also opted for different plants. In the center of each box, we've got African daisies that are white with a purple center.
African daisy
We also went with three purple/white/yellow pansies on either side of the daisies.
Purple pansy

As far as our vegetable and herb garden, we're also making big changes from last year. Last year we tried green beans and onions (too dry and too wet, respectively); we succeeded at growing herbs and tomatoes, though. This year, we're only growing things we use the most that are typically or likely to be at high cost this year (we will supplement everything else from the farmer's markets). So for herbs, by far we use thyme and rosemary the most. For vegetables, the tomato crop in Florida has been damaged by frost, and bell peppers sometimes can be $5/per at stores in the summer. We're growing "brandywine" tomatoes. It's an heirloom variety that I've never had. We're also growing "California wonder" bell peppers.
In all, we started 72 seed pods, most with 2 or more seeds. All our seeds are organic, but the seed pods weren't. We'll be using organic dirt and organic fertilizer. Depending on how our seed pods turn out, we'll definitely have excess. If you're in the Columbia area and would like a few pods, just let us know! We'll post pics as the garden progresses.

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