Monday, March 1, 2010

Buildings and a photo hunt

Highway, road, or street

We hit the road this weekend, and I finally got to play with my large format camera. I can't wait to show you guys two of the pictures I took. I scanned one at a really high DPI, and ran out of time or else I'd be posting it for you tonight. Instead, you're stuck with more clearing out of my backlog, still featuring buildings.

Worn out window

In some really good news, I've been approached by a national-level organization to include my photography in one of their publications. The catch is, they want my photographs sans watermarks. They were taken in October 2009, and I can't find the originals yet! They're not on my PC, they're not on my passport hard drive, they're not on my mac, so they could be two (possibly three) more places. Blah. For a librarian, my pictures are a disorganized mess!

Anyway, I'll give more details once they come available.

I got new glasses!

In other news, my boss today mentioned doing an exhibit of my photography in the library. That would be super awesome. I need to talk to her more about it.

Well that's all for now, kiddies. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some better stuff to post.


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